Portuguese Style Chicken Wings

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Get Ready! Here is a delicious spicy chicken wing recipe. Portuguese seasonings with just the right amount of heat. You will not be able to eat just one.
Prep time: min
Cook time: min
Total time: min
Yield: 8 servings


  • 3 lbs of chicken wings
  • 1 tablespoon crushed garlic
  • 1 bay leaf
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • ¼ teaspoon ground black pepper
  • ¼ teaspoon cayenne pepper
  • ¼ teaspoon crushed red hot pepper
  • 2 teaspoons paprika
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil


  1. In a blender or food processor, add the garlic, bay leaf, salt, black pepper, cayenne, crushed red hot pepper, paprika, olive oil and blend into a paste.
  2. Add chicken wings to a bowl and mix in paste mixture.
  3. Refrigerate for a couple of hours.
  4. Remove the chicken wings from the refrigerator and arrange on a lightly oiled cookie sheet, scrap any excess paste mixture from bowl and add onto chicken wings.
  5. Place cookie sheet in broiler. Broil the chicken wings 20 minutes until nicely browned, turn the wings and broil another 15 minutes or till cooked to your liking.
  6. Transfer the chicken wings to a plate and scrape pan drippings and drizzle over the wings.